The Latest User-Friendly Enhancements

Aavaz Web App Feature Changes

1. Drop Message: Drop a message and carry on calling! Aavaz now allows automated pre-recorded message drops so your callers don’t have to leave the same message over and over…

Drop Message


 2. Who Is Online (WIO) Screen Pop: Our Who is Online screen underwent major plastic surgery. Its simpler, sleeker and user friendly UI makes call history, ticket management and call dispositioning a breeze.


3. Who Is Online (WIO) Screen Pop: Add Ticket screen

add ticket_wio


4. Who Is Online (WIO) Screen Pop: Disposition Call



5. Product Details: Campaign level allows product details with multiple price points and organize them by category

Product Details


6. Product and Lead Stage: Added to Library section (was in campaign setting before)



7. Lead Stage: We’ve introduced a more granular sales lead UI. Now, your callers can assign sales stages and the probability for closing! For a sales manager, this is a critical piece of information!

Lead Stage