The Latest User-Friendly Enhancements

Aavaz Web App Feature Changes

1. Import limit increased from 2,000 to 10,000 contacts for CSV format. This was a recurring request from our clients and we listened. Keep in mind- just as with any software- a 10,000 record import can take time (anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes).

2. Import System now supports French with CSV format files. Do you have languages that need import support? Let us know at

3. Transfer calls or three way conference with external cell phones or landlines.

Works with Plivo as VoIP and India Region Aavaz Box. Please ask us for a demo on how this works at

4. Three way conference calls with other agents and customers for better support.

5. Have multiple offices? Not a problem! All your office locations phone systems can now be centrally connected and controlled with Aavaz.

This works with both Plivo and Aavaz box.

6.New & Improved Dial Pad: It’s just better in every way and much more intuitive.

See below for the new and improved dial-pad.

7. Revamped Call Back Tracking that is easier and more informative.

You now have visual indicators that show you how many call-backs you have scheduled in the next 30 minutes at all time.

Your call backs are clearly categorized further so you can follow up on missed call backs as well.

8. Streamlined Campaign Setup

> Create or add new custom fields, documents and email templates without ever leaving your campaign page.

9. Library Setup

> Easily re-order survey questions as shown below.

10. Lead Management

> Better lead notifications: If you’re calling on behalf of a client. They will now receive an email notification letting them know that a new lead has been obtained for them.

Aavaz Mobile App Feature Changes

1. Skip or Edit Call:

Faster dialing! You can now long press the phone number to make small edits to the number or just skip the contact.

2. All Contacts- Search Fields

Search is now better than ever. You can now search across all contacts in Aavaz!