The Latest User-Friendly Enhancements

Aavaz Web App Feature Changes

1. Easy Access to Contacts: The Aavaz dashboard now comes with a brand new tab of Contacts. Using this tab, Agents will be able to find detailed information about any contact in your instance




2. Add contact: Made a new contact while on a call? With the add contact option, agents can now easily add information of  the new contact created.



3. Leads I Generated: Your agents no longer need to bother you with queries on leads they have generated? They can find all the leads generated on a campaign or across campaigns.




4. Internal Chat with Desktop Notification: Is customer asking you questions related to another department? No problem, with Aavaz chat you can chat with other agents and departments while on the line with a customer. Now Desktop notifications ensure that you will get a response immediately.




5. Reports on calling performance and top 5 callers: Visually keep track of your calling performance and identify top 5 performers in your call center. Look out for new reports soon!



6. Better Real Time Agent Monitor: An important aspect of your calling process is a precise Agent Monitoring facility. Check login timings of your agents, online/offline status, you can also listen, whisper and barge in while they are on a call.