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Business Need

Hosted PBX

Hardware free PBX —No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.

Reduce company costs —Save about 50% off your phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost you to invest in a traditional PBX system.

Complete solution in one —Get everything you need from one company: your phones, all your calling features, and your local, long distance, and international calls.
Single line connecting your workforce —Distributed locations, office workers, home-based employees and traveling staff all share the same virtual PBX features; so no matter where they are located, they are only an extension call away from each other.

Grow as per your business needs —Order as many extensions as you need now; add more extensions, anytime.

Additionally, if you can’t use VoIP or are already invested in PRI lines- use the Aavaz box to manage your extensions, voicemail, routing and transfers. We offer all the workings of a PBX system so you can reduce your costs and vendor management time.

New Phone System

Great business phone service is just the beginning. Aavaz gives you far more than traditional PBX systems, at a fraction of the cost.

Mega – Enterprise features:

Communicate more profitably using dozens of globally renowned features like extension dialing, auto attendant, ring groups, call recording.

Unified inter- business communication :

Connect all your people, locations and devices with a single communication system that offers seamless mobile access and superior global reach.

Reduce business costs:

Save 50% or more on your monthly phone bill and up to 90% in deployment costs compared to traditional phone systems.

Distributed Workforce

  • No long-distance charges when you call any of your office branch around the world.
  • Call routing that is seamless across locations
  • Host a conference bridge for up to 15 participants at no extra charge per employee.
  • Flexibility of same features and functionality to every employee.
  • No expensive hardware to maintain

Cost of Ownership

Reduce phone bills by 50%—For one low monthly rate, get unlimited local and long distance calling; free office to office calling and voicemail.
Minimal hardware costs —There’s no on-site PBX hardware or software required. Simply connect our sleek IP phones to your existing Internet connection and you are ready to make and manage calls.

Mega- Enterprises features—Get the same advanced features that global businesses are used to. Without the extra cost, you get features like auto attendant, voicemail, Caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing and more.

Zero IT staff costs —Since the Aavaz services are fully integrated, we manage the system for you. You don’t have to pay for maintenance contracts or forklift upgrades. Plus, there is an admin portal to manage your moves, adds, and changes. Changes are simply a click away.

Internet Phone Service

For small businesses constantly on the move, maintaining your service levels with vendors and customers can sometimes be challenging. An Aavaz Virtual box with a high speed internet connection is your best solution whether you are in a office, a hotel or a day in the field.

International Calls

Missing out on overseas business because the overseas phone bills are too high?

At Aavaz, we route our calls over the Internet using VoIP to bypass traditional phone company lines, saving you 50-90% on crystal-clear international phone calls.

Have an office in another country?

Get them Avaaz Virtual Office phone service too, then call between offices for free!

Virtual Call Center

Aavaz has made it simpler for businesses to operate at their effective best, diminishing the limitations of geography and hardware. Because of its virtual call center solutions, agents can now be located anywhere in the world. A cost effective and accessible center has given way to remotely located agents, small businesses and skilled home based agents.

Call Center Software

Conventional call centers are costly, heavy infrastructure and maintenance driven.
Aavaz is a perfect solution for an easy setup and smart system—Aavaz Virtual Contact Center comes with all the call center software features to drive your business needs.

  • Skill based routing
  • Multi channel
  • Avaaz Android App
  • Multiple VoIP Options
  • Call Queuing
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Power Dialler
  • Progressive Dialler
  • IVR System

Home-Based Agent

  • Whether you having a day in the field or working from a remote access area, with the help of Aavaz android app your agents can work from any location in the world.
  • With Aavaz cloud technology, there are no heavy infrastructure or maintenance costs. One just needs a computer with internet connection to be connected a calling campaign.
  • With Aavaz, you can downsize or upscale agents as per your business needs, whenever you want. 

Technical Support

Aavaz’s skills-based routing algorithms are keyed in IVR entries, CRM data, and other information systems. These Intelligent and flexible routing parameters are responsible for delivering an effective and fulfilling experiences for your customers.Our desktop collaboration feature allows technical representatives to actively troubleshoot issues during the call, increasing the likelihood for first call resolution.

Following the customer’s ever changing behavior patterns, Aavaz is integrated with phone, e-mail and chat capabilities to build customer relationship into different mediums.
A truly at your doorstep service, with Aavaz you can easily change routing parameters on-the-fly to address spikes or other issues that may impact service levels.

Expect your technicians to be familiar with our interface within no time, saving precious campaign time.

Inbound Call Center

One of the most significant features of an Aavaz driven Inbound call center is the minimum use of resources. Since Aavaz uses cloud technology, there is dramatically low usage of infrastructure, costs and support. An organization only needs computers and added internet connection to get started.

The easy to use interface of Aavaz helps managers quickly adapt and have their campaign up and running within no time. Since there is no hardware or heavy infrastructure needed, there is no need to incur the capital costs, maintenance costs among others.

Your contact center can downsize or upscale your agents as per your business requirements.


Real Estate

The persistent outbound and inbound communication that has to happen whilst handling leads, customers and prospects in the Real Estate industry is vast.

With the help of Aavaz, Sales people, while sitting in the office, can generate a lead and assign it to a field agent on their Mobile phones (Android and/or iOS). Agents can call these leads and make an appointment instantly.

Brokerage and Financial services

The lists owned by financial services firms are crucial to its client service responsibilities.  Instantly educating clients about new trades, trends, futures and then requesting for trade permissions in real time is vital.

Administrators and Sales individuals can push campaigns to brokers informing them on what is exactly trending using an Aavaz script. Assign the financial news to the exact database and watch progress as the calls are made.

Event Management

Aavaz offers services to various event management companies who use it to ensure attendance to their marketing events. We know how crucial and vital managing attendance data is, therefore, Aavaz offers a complete solution to managing attendance, surveying attendance success and effectiveness.

Insurance companies

Insurance isn’t something everyone wants to deal with. It takes persistence on the side of an insurance agent to get the person on the phone interested and on the benefits of insurance which will eventually lead to sales generation.
Increase your Insurance sales:

  • Setup a maximum number of dials per contact. This enables you to keep dialing a person but not exhausting your dialing efforts if they haven’t picked after x number of times.
  • Set call back reminders. If someone says “not now”- set up a time to call them back and you will earn credibility by calling them back at an agreed upon time.
  • More information is always something that people ask for. Send email from Aavaz that contain the information they need in order to make their decision.

Non Profit/ Non Government Organisations

Non Profit organizations rely heavily on the donations of their constituents and supporters. It takes volunteers and several outreach program’s to help them attain these goals. Naturally, Aavaz is suitable tools to execute these outreach programs and constantly monitor your campaigns.

Drive your next campaign entirely  with Aavaz!


Small and Medium Business

Aavaz is always looking to promote small businesses who want to take their business to the next level. Equipped with the most innovative and result oriented technology, Aavaz provides complete solutions to all the problems faced by small businesses in their growth.
Not only does Aavaz solve the complex seeming problems faced by businesses, but it also provides them a unique opportunity for dynamic growth. In most scenarios, Aavaz users instantly spot a new dimension in their businesses which they themselves had never thought to be present.

A medium scale business owner, Abhishek Bhatnagar from New Delhi, India was looking for an Inbound and Outbound solution for his business. Not only did he receive what he needed, but very shortly Abhishek changed his entire telemarketing operation with the help of Aavaz Android App.

Just like Abhishek, if you are ready to take your business into a path breaking future, Aavaz is your complete solution system and much more.


Powering enterprises is the core of Aavaz’s functionality. Optimizing cloud based resources and technologies, Aavaz has been ensuring that its clients are successful in meeting  customer expectations with minimum costs and use of resources. Keeping precious time of organizations in mind,  Aavaz is a very easy to use and time saving solution for  Enterprises.

A contact center is capable of driving different verticals in an organization, this has been proven with advanced and intelligent features in Aavaz. Its focus on sales, marketing, reporting and smart management is an exception in a dynamic environment like of enterprises.

Aavaz  ensures that Enterprises focus on up scaling their core business while leaving the issues of setting up an contact center in our hands. That is the reason an Enterprise powered by Aavaz can successfully drive its campaign way more than their set targets.



Whether you are an inbound center, an outbound sales operation, or a blended combination of inbound and outbound sales, with Aavaz you’ll experience higher outreach and sales generation per hour.

Aavaz also gives you sophisticated management tools to calculate information to let you identify which campaigns and which callers are getting you results.

Also try our pre-built integrations to leading CRM systems; easy campaign management, automated dialing tools, and intelligent reporting capabilities that can help you increase your sales.


Boost your Sales by reaching your customers intelligently
Aavaz systems reduce your costs and rise beyond your performance goals. We have solutions for any contact center applications across all types of businesses including:

  • Customer relationships building
  • Lead development teams
  • Direct response teams
  • Telecommerce organizations
  • Sales organizations

Converting sales opportunities with accurate results
For marketing operations that need to nurture suspects and convert leads into sales opportunities, Aavaz delivers detailed reporting to help you identify which campaigns are being followed up on and which ones need more attention.


For telemarketers, the Aavaz Outbound Contact Center delivers higher productivity while providing features to help you maintain regulations. Our outbound solution with the Aavaz Predictive Dialer lowers your cost per lead and improves agent productivity, with up to three times more contacts per hour.

Service & Support

According to a global research, 57% of companies can relate improving customer experience levels to revenue/profit growth.
Aavaz provides screen pops in inbound calling with the option of assembling case history before a call is even made. Ensuring a prompt response, its a valued asset in customer retention.

Simple and advanced features in Aavaz ensure that the agent is always prompt in simplifying customer queries with ease.

Be anywhere in the world

With its cloud technology, your agents can be anywhere in the world and make calls. Reduce not only your infrastructure costs but also costs on agent maintenance and job based hiring instead of hiring on project basis.

Unlimited data storage, fewer hardware issues

With its extensive cloud technology, Aavaz provides unlimited data storage for all your campaigns with no hardware issues. Cost friendly IT resources and zero expenditure in purchase hardware or request manual troubleshooting will reduce your company costs significantly.

Providing such easy scalability through Aavaz, companies now have the ability to increase the number of calls made and hiring more agents



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