Service & Support

According to a global research, 57% of companies can relate improving customer experience levels to revenue/profit growth.
Aavaz provides screen pops in inbound calling with the option of assembling case history before a call is even made. Ensuring a prompt response, its a valued asset in customer retention.

Simple and advanced features in Aavaz ensure that the agent is always prompt in simplifying customer queries with ease.

Be anywhere in the world

With its cloud technology, your agents can be anywhere in the world and make calls. Reduce not only your infrastructure costs but also costs on agent maintenance and job based hiring instead of hiring on project basis.

Unlimited data storage, fewer hardware issues

With its extensive cloud technology, Aavaz provides unlimited data storage for all your campaigns with no hardware issues. Cost friendly IT resources and zero expenditure in purchase hardware or request manual troubleshooting will reduce your company costs significantly.

Providing such easy scalability through Aavaz, companies now have the ability to increase the number of calls made and hiring more agents

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