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Enterprises Prefer Aavaz' Quality Dialer Software & Feature Rich Software!

Dialer Software

Experience our outbound, inbound/blended call-dialer software created not just for saving time, but also for improving call quality!

Need to make calls abroad? Use your choice of VoIP Google+, Skype, Net2Phone or your phone!


We even have our very own Aavaz Mobile App!

It’s no wonder we are the world’s leading calling software catering to enterprise level businesses for their cold calling needs.


No need for servers, administrators or complex hardware!


Choose the SMART option for your Calling Software. Choose Aavaz


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Aavaz Advantages

    • Track and Monitor Operations Online

Aavaz reporting and monitoring tools help you lower costs by increasing efficiency and productivity.

    • Powerful Tracking

Integrated CRM, Ticketing System, Lead Follow Up, Call Back Tracking, Full Call History with Agent Monitoring out of the box

    • Flexibility

Mix and match landlines, smart phones and voip as needed

  • Start calling without any infrastructure from your Android phone
  • Use the Aavaz box and run all your inbound and outbound calls
  • Make calls directly from your Browser if you’re calling abroad


    • Feature Rich

IVR, PBX, Android, Skills Based Routing, Progressive Dialling – all available from day one

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Aavaz voip

"Your call center in a browser!"

Take advantage of a truly virtual environment. Save on all infrastructure costs while retaining the quality of a traditional call center.



  • Inbound IVR/PBX functionality in the cloud
  • Click 2 Call/Preview/Progressive Dialer
  • Live Agent Monitoring
  • Integrated CRM for tracking
  • No installation required - get started in minutes
Aavaz voip

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" alt="Aavaz App">

Run your call center on your Android Phone!

No infrastructure required - At All! FREE with every account! NO hidden fees



Aavaz mobile features



See it to believe it! Play Video



      Aavaz Mobile App



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Aavaz Call Center Software features


Feature packed so you won't be left wanting more. Everything you need to be effective from day one.

  • Live Agent Monitoring
  • Call Recordings and Duration
  • Skill Based Routing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Integrated CRM
  • Unlimited Data

... and a lot more   View all features

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Aavaz BOX
Aavaz box

Take your call center productivity to the next level



  • Need inbound IVR/PBX functionality?
  • Need Preview/Progressive Dialer?
  • Need to Integrate CRM with your Dialer?

“Gave it a go today. Even the caller likes the software (That's a first!)”

- Ben Foster, Oddysey Wealth, UK
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