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Lead Generation Software

Experience our Outbound Call Center Software created for the small business owners who want to conduct their own calling campaigns!


Use Aavaz to
    • Track your calls smarter
    • Raise more funds
    • Call your lists faster
    • Generate more leads

  • Boost your sales


Lead Generation Software

What is Aavaz?

Aavaz is an easy-to-use web-based Call Center Software that enables you to run any calling campaign successfully.

Lead Generation Software Features

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It’s web based, no servers and no admins. Work from home.
Intelligent List De-duplicator
Intelligent List De-duplicator
Struggling with list cleansing is now a thing of the past.
Call-back Tracker
Call-back Tracker
Alert systems to ensure that you never miss a call-back.

Call Recording
Call Recording
By using the VoIP integration you will even be able to record your callers for quality control.



Why Aavaz?

It is easy, that's why!

Aavaz has been designed by industry professionals specifically for you. Whether you're a professional caller or a first-timer, Aavaz will help you set-up and run your call campaigns in no time. Get the results you want simply, easily and with no additional resources.


Aavaz has enabled my callers to achieve much higher conversion rates. It has increased dials per hour by 33%.- Rick M., TSR Inc.

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