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Call Center Solutions

What is Aavaz?

Aavaz is an easy-to-use web-based Call Center Software that enables you to run any calling campaign successfully.

Experience our Outbound/Inbound

Experience our Outbound/Inbound and Blended Call Center Software created for the small business owners who want to conduct their own calling campaigns!
  • Tracks calls, call faster, generate quality leads, schedule call backs
  • Click to Call, Call Recording, Real Time Agent Monitoring SEE SPECIAL OFFER
  • Use the popular AND FIRST TIME in INDIA- Aavaz Android App for Mobile
  • Need to make calls abroad? Use your choice of VoIP Google+, Skype, Net2Phone or your phone SEE OUR VoIP COMPARISON CHART

Call Center Solutions Features

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It’s web based, no servers and no admins. Work from home.
Intelligent List De-duplicator
Intelligent List De-duplicator
Struggling with list cleansing is now a thing of the past.
Call-back Tracker
Call-back Tracker
Alert systems to ensure that you never miss a call-back.

Call Recording
Call Recording
By using the VoIP integration you will even be able to record your callers for quality control.




Pricing Section

Who needs Aavaz

Who Needs Aavaz

What do I need to get started

See Aavaz Android App in Action

Aavaz Android App works with the web based telemarketing solution to enable callers and small business to get results from their calling activities.


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  • Callers use their mobile phones,and you get
    data and reporting on your web-based
    monitoring system, Aavaz!
  • Upload lists, assign campaigns, listen-in, barge-in,
    whisper (depends on your VoIP provider) while your callers are using Android phones.
  • 100% FREE MOBILE APP with Aavaz account!
    Try now for 7-days, RISK FREE

See How the Aavaz BOX Can Simplify Your Calling Camapaigns With Direct Connections to Your Phone Lines!

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All the features of Aavaz software PLUS

Direct connection to your phone lines for enhanced campaigns

Click to Call

Aavaz box provides easy and powerful “Click to Call” facility.

Call Recording

With the Aavaz box get call recording, dial disposition and call duration on all calls.

Real Time Agent Monitoring

Managers using Aavaz box can listen, whisper and barge-in on live calls in real time.

How It Works

The box seamlessly integrates with Aavaz software,
is easy to install and


Simple Installation

Get started in minutes...

No Setup! No Administration Hassles! No Complicated AMC Agreements!

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