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Quality management

Aavaz provides quality management tools to improve the performance and quality of the entire workforce, helping businesses to align their business processes around their operational and strategic goals.


It is a comprehensive suite for all contact centers to automate workforce management resulting in better utilization of resources to deliver a great customer experience and driving down the cost by eliminating operational inefficiencies at the same time.


Our quality management as a capability continuously evaluates the performance of agents and ensures service quality standards are maintained.


Unlimited call recordings with Aavaz

Quality management

Aavaz enables supervisors and managers to monitor and record customer call which in turn allows them to evaluate and train agents so they are able to reach their own potential.

Meanwhile, these same tools help our clients consistently meet service by scheduling agents with specific skills at the appropriate times.

By intelligently scheduling and deploying agent, our clients reduce call wait times and abandonment rates while increasing first-call resolutions.

Consistency in quality with Aavaz:

  • Call recording
  • Real-time privacy control
  • Recording storage
  • Insightful reports
  • Customizable dashboards
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