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We think Blended solutions are almost an understatement because who makes outbound calls without asking for a call back? Maybe some but we understand that if not now-- you will eventually use Aavaz blended features ultimately.


With Aavaz, you can balance your need to contain costs and still maintain a great customer experience by leveraging the Aavaz based cloud for your contact center.


Improve Agent Productivity with Aavaz Active Blending


Ensure the optimal mix of agent productivity and customer experience by taking full advantage of the peaks and valleys in contact center traffic.

Based on your business rules, Aavaz Active Blending automatically moves outbound agents on a per-call basis to inbound queues when traffic volume peaks. When there are no inbound calls in queue, it shifts them back to outbound call campaigns.

Aavaz greatly increases the number of productive contacts per hour by each agent and gives customers something they greatly want, active service.

Key features of Aavaz Active blending technology:

Schedule“thankyou”or other follow-up calls for sales orders or service calls based on your business needs. Notify customers when their product has been shipped, or a problem is resolved
Do queue callbacks Follow up on abandoned calls


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