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Aavaz Power Dialer

Sales representatives use Aavaz power dialing when they prefer to manually control the dialing pace. It automatically dials a user-configured number of calls per available sales.

Aavaz ‘s Power dialer is an excellent way for organizations to gain the productivity benefits of automated dialing while leveraging all the robust campaign.


What is Power Dialer?

Aavaz Power Dialer

Power dialing places calls only when an agent is available to handle the call. Automated dialers consider the priority and the skills of the agent to automatically place a call to the agent. In power dialing, an agent is always available to talk to the customer.

A 2012 research study conducted by The Bridge Group, Inc. discovered that while inside sales jobs and career demand is up 54 percent, most sales leverage comes with power dialer software.

Key Features of Aavaz Power Dialer:

  • Click to call feature
  • Screen pop
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Computer – Telephony integration
  • Customizable Outbound caller ID
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