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Aavaz IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

Aavaz IVR is simple to use, offering your inbound calls customizable options and a multitude of trees and routes to work with. Use any option between several numbers to a single number, and within that, an unlimited amount of IVR options to your campaign’s advantage.

This not only helps free up agent and valuable company resources by allowing the self-service options to work for the client, it also helps resolve the issues faster once calls are connected to the right person.


What is an IVR system?

Aavaz IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

IVR is a technology that allows a computer to recognize and behave on a command based on a person’s voice or a dial tone on a keypad.<br>With Aavaz’ IVR system, your call center will be able to record messages, hold music.

Key Features of Aavaz IVR:

  • Voice Recordings
  • Hold Music
  • Multiple Inbound Number IVRs
  • IVR trees
  • Night Mode
  • IVR Queues and setups
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