What is Aavaz?

Aavaz is an contact center solution for small and
medium sized businesses like yours. Aavaz lets you effectively
manage your telecalling activities in an effective & efficient
way by managing your leads and following up on your
prospective customers.

How do I get started with Aavaz?

Aavaz is an online solution and allows you to register 24*7. You

can instantly start by registering with your credit card. After

your registration is complete, you will receive login credentials

by email. It consists of a separate domain name with your company name instantly (example: yourcompanyname.aavaz.biz), user name & the password. You can login & view the manager dashboard. In here, you create login credentials for your callers. You can create campaigns, upload calling lists, assign campaigns to callers so that they are ready to start calling.

How will Aavaz benefit me?

Aavaz helps you increase your caller efficiency. It will make sure
your callers are calling more contacts in lesser time which will
reduce your overall cost. Aavaz features like de-duplication
helps you remove duplicate contacts thus saving your callers
confusion and your leads frustration!

Also since its a virtual solution, it gives you the benefit of
hiring talent you wouldn’t otherwise consider despite their
exceptional abilities! Many of our clients use Aavaz with virtual callers.

Finally, you only incur cost as per your requirements. There is
no infrastructure cost as you can create virtual call centers.
There are no setup costs, no additional hardware costs.
Try Aavaz now (https://callcenter.aavaz.biz/free-trial.html)

How secure is Aavaz?

Aavaz assigns you your own dedicated server therefore your data
is not shared with any other client. Reports can only be run by managers therefore callers do not have direct access to your data.
If you, as a company, need more security on your data we will be
providing a static IP so that you can access Aavaz from the place you want to.

Is there any free trial with Aavaz?

Yes, we offer 7 day free trial with Aavaz software. To get a free 7 day trial, just register yourself at https://callcenter.aavaz.biz/free-trial.html

What are the other features that Aavaz provides?

Apart from the outbound features that you get after using
Aavaz, you get other features like Agent monitoring, Click to
call facility, Call recording, Unlimited data storage, Call back
tracking, De-duplication, Powerful reporting, Run unlimited
campaigns, Store unlimited contacts, Web based no
hardware required, Scalable & many more.

How much do you charge for a complete set-up?

We were hoping you’d ask!
There are no upfront costs to set up your calling campaigns.
Aavaz is Software as a Service (SAAS) and can be accessed
from anywhere you are. It can run on multiple locations and
you (or your callers) can work from home thus reducing your
running cost. We only charge based on the numbers of the
Active callers that you have.

Will I be tied into a lengthy contract?

Aavaz does not require a long term contract. You can start
using by creating a single caller & when you close just make sure
you have taken a backup of your data. Aavaz has a per month
subscription model so whenever you’re done with your calling
campaign, de-activation is available (and encouraged!)We were hoping you’d ask!

Will Aavaz be able to cope with the growing numbers of callers at my call center?

Yes. You can keep adding callers depending on your requirements.

What happens when a need arises for me to buy Aavaz for my 2nd or 3rd caller. In this case how will I get charged.

Yes. We charge on pro rata basis till the end of the billing cycle.
For example: if you buy Aavaz for your 1st caller on 1st of the month. The billing cycle starts & we charge you from 1st till 31st (end of the month). Now suppose if you buy Aavaz for your 2nd telecaller on 16th of the same month. We charge you for remaining days for the 2nd telecaller. It means that you will be charged from 16th till 31st (end of the month) only.

Do you provide training support for telecallers?

Yes, there is a session in the morning & evening hours for the telecallers. It helps them get equipped with the features of the solution. Contact us directly (https://callcenter.aavaz.biz/contact.html) to schedule yourself into a training session.


Is there any other way of making calls other than manual dialing?

Yes, Aavaz provides click to call facility. Just click an icon beside the number & the call will be automatically routed to the clients. This saves you from manual dialing. You will be provided with third-party options like Twillio and Plivo to set up the ability to click to call for your campaigns.

Can I record calls?

Yes! In the managers tab, there is a section tab called agent monitor through which you can listen to the recording of the callers. You can listen to the recording from any location.

Do you provide data security?

For Data security we shall provide you with a static IP so that you can access Aavaz from the place you want.

How large a contact list can Aavaz handle?

There is no limit. You can merge multiple imported contacts into a single big list. If you have a bigger list to upload, please contact us directly and we will help you set that up.

Will Aavaz dial for me?

Yes. With Aavaz you get the click to call facility (through third-party options) which saves you from manual dialing.

Will Aavaz help in lead management?

Yes, it does help in lead management. You can easily and effectively follow up the leads & view their complete call history. It helps in nurturing the leads until the sale is complete. You can easily assign leads to any person in the company depending on the requirement.

Why is Aavaz not classified as a CRM? or Why is Aavaz better than a CRM for calling?

Aavaz is designed and optimized for calling potential customers or prospects and managing them from the first call, follow up calls, to a lead and eventually to converting them to an actual customer by a sale. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is used for tracking the full life cycle of an actual customer with your organization – from the sale, invoice and repeat business. A CRM is designed to keep detailed information on a customer, and as a result requires a lot of setup time, field definition and work flow definition, which naturally slows down calling activities. Aavaz is configured to automatically push a converted prospect into your existing CRM if you have one.

Can I track inbound and outbound calls?

Yes, you can track your inbound and outbound calls using Aavaz. Additional to this you can also do continuous live agent monitoring of all your calls.

Can I track the performance of my telecallers from any remote location?

If you are a manager, you can track your callers from any remote location. It’s completely a cloud-based solution. There is no limit by virtue of where you physically sit. You & your callers can work from any remote location.

Which file format will work with Aavaz?

Excel spreadsheet in office 97-2003 format. For higher versions there is an option to save the file as office 97-2003.

What are the system requirements to use Aavaz

You need an internet connection, desktop & a landline connection. It’s a web based service which can run on any browser. Operating System has no role to play.


If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us and we will get back to you!