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For your mobile work force, Aavaz’ mobile app is a necessary advantage


More and more sales people, field real estate agents, insurance brokers are become mobile and are having meetings away from the office. Aavaz knows this, and as such, has built mobile app versions of the application. This is so that your mobile work force doesn’t have to keep calling in, waiting for emails or any other “antiquated” communication.


They simply receive push notifications with contacts to call and off they go! Not only has your company’s efficiency increased, it will also impress your contacts/leads/prospects that even though they are speaking with a new
person- all their information is in-tact.


See Aavaz Android App in Action


Aavaz Android App works with the web based telemarketing solution to enable callers and small business to get results from their calling activities.


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Why Aavaz

It is easy that’s why!
Aavaz has been designed by industry professionals specifically for you. Whether you're a professional caller or a first-timer, Aavaz will help you set-up and run your call campaigns in no time. Get the results you want simply, easily and with no additional resources.




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How it Works






  • Callers use their mobile phones,and you get
    data and reporting on your web-based
    monitoring system, Aavaz!
  • Upload lists, assign campaigns, listen-in, barge-in,
    whisper (depends on your VoIP provider) while your callers are using Android phones.
  • 100% FREE MOBILE APP with Aavaz account!
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