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Aavaz box - Customer Buyback Order and Agreement Form
(All details to be filled in capital letter)

Customer Details

Customer Name (Mr./Ms/M/s): _____________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Phone No: _____________________ Mobile No: _____________________ Email: ________________________________
We are pleased to place an order for Aavaz box to Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Aavaz box Details

Type [ ] AnalogueNumber of Ports: ________
 [ ] PRI  

Aavaz box Payment Details

_______________ ________________________________________________________

Instrument Details

Type: Check/Cash/Draft/Credit Card/Bank Transfer
Instrument Number: _________________________ (Last 4 digits if CC) AMEX / Visa / MC
Instrument Bank: __________________________________________________
Instrument Date: ___________
From Mr. /Mrs. /M/s.: __________________________________________________
Expiry Date (CC Only): _________________________
CVV Code (CC Only): _________________________
Billing Address: __________________________________________________
Credit Card Receipt #: ______________________________________________
I, being the customer or guarantor, authorize Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to transact through my credit card the Aavaz box amount (as above).
Please make cheque/draft/Bank Transfer to
Name: Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd
Current A/c No:
IFCS code:


* Deposit Receipt will be provided upon clearance of instrument.

Aavaz box

Terms and Conditions

  1. Tekege Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Tekege) agrees to supply the Aavaz box to subscribers of the Aavaz platform, upon full payment for the same.
  2. The Aavaz box guaranteed buyback program is designed to be easy to understand for our customers. It is in place to ensure that customers care for the equipment that is provided to them, while ensuring that the cost of entry to Aavaz is lowered by providing a guarantee that the customer is not locked into a solution that may not be relevant or may not scale for them in the future.
  3. The Aavaz box is equipment that must be installed on customer premises to take advantage of advanced telephony features of the Aavaz cloud platform. The Aavaz box is designed to be a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) that stores minimal data so that hassles of managing backups etc are not passed onto the customer and in the event of a failure can be easily replaced with another unit, which will require minimum setup to get up and running.
  4. The Aavaz box must be purchased by the customer, and is assured a buy back for full value by Aavaz provided that customer returns it in full working condition. Minor wear and tear that occurs on equipment will be excused at the discretion of Tekege. The Aavaz box contains high quality electronic equipment with minimal moving parts to ensure long life, to help ensure that the customer gets the full benefit of the buyback program.
  5. The customer can return a fully functional (seals not tampered) Aavaz box to Tekege at any time and Tekege guarantees buyback at full amount as received with this order.
  6. We recommend the practices to follow at the customer premises to ensure that the equipment stays in working condition
    1. Clean, grounded and conditioned power to the box (required for good voice quality)
    2. Clean dust free environment
    3. Cool conditions
    4. Keep away from areas that will be susceptible to liquids being splashed on the equipment
    5. Keep away from areas that will have human traffic that will cause breakage and physical damage
    6. Minimize movement of the unit while in operation or jerky movements when not in operation
  7. Tekege warrants that the Aavaz box will function free from defects / glitches for a period of 1 month from shipping. In case the Aavaz box does not function properly within the first 1 month, Tekege will replace the defective Aavaz box with a fully functional one immediately upon receipt of the defective box. The warranty will not apply if the Aavaz box has evidence of damage due to items listed below:
    1. Seepage / spillage of water inside or on the Aavaz box;
    2. Accumulation of dust inside the Box due to installation in an unclean environment;
    3. Extended exposure to heat or sunlight;
    4. Physical damage as a result of mishandling of the Aavaz box;
    5. Damage due to unstable electric current;
    6. Any other cause associated with abnormal use of the Aavaz box.
  8. Tekege’s decision on whether malfunction is a result of any of the above factors shall be final. In case malfunction results due to any of the above factors, an appropriate amount (indicated below) shall be deducted from the paid amount during buyback, which may even extend to the entire amount in case the defective box is incapable of repair. If customer feels that the assessed damage is not correct, then a third party, mutually acceptable, independent arbitrator will be appointed. The costs of this third party arbitration will be shared by both parties.
  9. If the box does sustain damage, Tekege will make all efforts to return the maximum amount to the customer with the following guidelines for deductions on the purchase price that will be incurred by the customer
    1. Cracked, bent, deformed or heavy scratches on the exterior of the box - 10%
    2. Power Supply not in working condition - 5%
    3. Motherboard not in working condition - 20%
    4. RAM not in working condition - 20%
    5. CPU not in working condition - 25%
    6. Telephony Analog/PRI card not in working condition - 25%
    7. Solid State Drive not in working condition - 15%
    The total deduction will be added (Not above 100%) and the remaining amount will be offered to the customer. The customer may choose to not avail the buyback offer and can keep the Aavaz box, in which case the customer must provide Tekege access to delete the code that is installed on the Aavaz box. Possession of the Aavaz box does not obligate Tekege to continue to provide Aavaz cloud services.
  10. In addition to the above - Aavaz box is shipped with a signed “seal”. If the seal is broken then the customer will not be eligible for the buyback program. The seal may be broken by the customer if they receive express permission from to do so.
  11. Tekege will not be liable for any financial / business / information loss due to malfunction in an Aavaz box for any reason whatsoever.
  12. If the customer wishes to upgrade or replace the box, the customer must first send the old Aavaz box back and will then receive the new box once the difference in amounts on the two boxes have been cleared.
  13. Tekege shall have no obligation to repair, replace or buyback until the customer returns the defective Aavaz box to Tekege.
  14. Any replacement Aavaz box may be either new or like-new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to that of the box being replaced.
  15. The replacement box will be shipped upon availability. If customer requires a high availability environment it is suggested that they maintain 2 boxes on premises. Both boxes do not need to be active.
  16. All shipping costs for purchase and buyback will be incurred by the customer; unless the customer receives the equipment in non-functional state notifies Aavaz within 15 days of receiving the equipment, in which case Tekege will pay the shipping costs to retrieve and resend another box to the customer. Tekege will select the shipping method to ensure that the box is not damaged during transit.
  17. This warranty is valid only in the country where the Aavaz box is shipped to the customer by Tekege.
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